Our Clients are located globally with interest in expanding network in Canada and North America


BG Plast

BG Plast manufactures special equipment for the extrusion of film and sheets made of thermoplastic materials. 


Micro Laser Tech

Micro Laser Tech-MLT



Micro Laser Technology GmbH (MLT), located in Kirchheim near Munich is well known in the industry as a qualified and competent manufacturer of tailor-made laser material processing systems for cutting, perforation, scribing/scoring, embossing and marking.


MLT Laser machines are already in operation worldwide, mainly in the packaging Industry for food, beverage and pharmaceutical products. Tobacco and Paper Converting Industry. Automotive Industry. Sand paper cutting.


Through our mission “Laser Excellence” we actively gather and improve our invaluable in-depth knowledge and experience in order to design and manufacture cutting edge Laser processing systems to increase productivity and quality of product.


Cason Slitters

Cason Slitters offer a complete and wide range of Slitter Rewinders, ancillary and automation equipment specifically designed to meet customer needs. Suitable for different applications.

Food packaging, pharmaceutical and medical packaging, stationery, electronics and thermoformed packaging. Cason Slitters are able to process a wide range of material structures (such as film mono-multilayer, printed or plain paper, aluminum and laminated materials). 


Cason Handling

Cason Handling is a division of Cason Companies. The Handling Division works closely with customers to address their needs for handling finished rolls of film. The Handling System can be adapted to the specific requirements for handling rolls of film safely and to reduce production costs. The Roll Handling System can take a finished roll from multiple Slitters and label the core or outside of the roll, pack the roll and place the rolls on the pallet using a Robot ready for shipping.

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IBD designs and manufactures air shafts for the plastics and paper industry.  


Macchi S.p.A

Established in 1961 Macchi has been developing and manufacturing blown film extrusion lines. Macchi lines produce Barrier and Non Barrier films. In-house machineing capabilities can manufacture up to 2600 mm diameter dies.

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EuroTech Extrusion Machinery

Eurotech offers Lab size blown film and cast film lines to produce small sample's of film for development purposes. 


I.DEA Pack

Tray filling and sealing machines for the food industry



Fiborsin S.r.l

FIBORSIN specializes in manufacturing extrusion machines for the production of plastic netting, zipper profiles, Geonet and Geocomposite materials.